Welcome to WOMEN – PGH!

We started WOMEN – PGH to provide women in professional service industries with a supportive environment to develop their marketing and networking skills through both educational programs and social events.

There are dozens of great networking and industry groups in Pittsburgh, including several wonderful women’s networking groups.  These groups provide tons of networking opportunities, but we saw a need for a group specifically dedicated to teaching women how to effectively market themselves to have the confidence and experience to walk into any networking event, break into a conversation, and sell themselves.   Recognizing this need, WOMEN – PGH was born.

If you’re a women with a career in law, accounting, insurance, advertising, IT, or finance looking for guidance in honing your marketing skills and networking abilities, we’d love to have you join us.  Together with our Mentors, we will help each other achieve success and become leaders in our chosen fields.

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